Monday, October 22, 2007

New handheld tester for VDSL

(PRLEAP.COM) Ebermannstadt, Germany, Vierling will present its new VIT-V2 VDSL2 tester for the first time ever during the Vierling Autumn Fair from September 19-20, 2007. This handheld tester is used by service technicians to detect errors and configuration problems on VDSL lines. A laptop can be connected to read out important connection parameters. Using spectrum analysis software that will be available starting in December 2007, the problems underlying faulty VDSL lines can be studied in even greater detail. In the future, Vierling plans to further expand its line of handheld testers for xDSL and IP-based services. The VIT-V2 will begin shipping in November 2007.

Easy to use
The VIT-V2 VDSL2 tester is designed as a cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld tester. A service technician can connect the tester in place of the customer’s modem to see whether a VDSL connection is being set up properly. The technician can also connect the tester at line access points, splitters, street cabinets and main distribution frames to detect faulty home cabling, defective splitters or modems, and improperly configured DSLAM ports. Troubleshooting is quick and reliable based on a step-by-step approach. In all of these tests, the VIT-V2 is backwards-compatible with ADSL and ADSL2+.

Reading out connection parameters
The basic package shipped with the VIT-V2 includes the VIT-V2 Watch software. Once the VIT-V2 is connected to a laptop via the Ethernet port, the service technician can use the VIT-V2 Watch software to read out various connection parameters and display them graphically. Relevant parameters include the line attenuation (loss), noise margin, number of synchronization attempts, data rates in the upstream and downstream and the bit allocation.

Optional spectrum analysis software
Spectrum analysis software will be available as an option for the VIT-V2 starting in December 2007. Once the service technician connects the VIT V2 directly to a copper pair via the supplied protected measurement point (PMP) adapter, the technician can use the software to read out the spectral power density on a laptop. The spectrum analysis extends beyond the xDSL range. Colored spectrum graphs help to reveal interference in terms of the frequency and power density. “The VIT-V2 is useful for quickly recognizing deficiencies and taking suitable action”, noted Wolfgang Baschant, the product manager in charge of the VIT-V2 tester at Vierling. “The VIT-V2 can reveal common crosstalk from two Mbit/s lines at a glance, for example. This is a particularly frequent source of disruptions on DSL lines.”

One of the first suppliers worldwide
Vierling has enjoyed commercial success with its VIT DSL testers for ADSL and ADSL2+ since 2004. With the arrival of the VIT-V2 in November 2007, the company will extend its existing VIT product line to include a solution for high-speed DSL lines. “We are continuing to expand our range of DSL testers”, said Georg Herrmann, Director Product Line Measurement Solutions at Vierling. “With the VIT-V2, we are one of the first suppliers in the world to offer a handheld tester for the fastest DSL systems. In the future, we will continue to expand our product line with an emphasis on handheld testers for xDSL and IP-based services.”

- Dimensions: 100 x 48 x 200 mm
- Weight: approx. 650 g (with rechargeable batteries)
- Currently supports band plans 17A, 12B and 8B
- Max. download rate: 100 Mbit/s (valid for band plan 17A)
- Max. upload rate: 40 Mbit/s (valid for band plan 17A)

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