Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3M Develops New Module to Test xDSL Services

A new full-featured, triple-play modem module from 3M allows the 3M Dynatel Advanced Modular System 965AMS to test the latest xDSL services. The compact 3M Dynatel All-in-One Modem Module VDSL2 attaches to the back of the 965AMS, is field-swappable, and can be shared between individual base units.
This modem module can be attached directly to an xDSL circuit pair for connection to the DSLAM. It supports many DSL service types, including VDSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2, and ADSL. With it, technicians can measure and display connection statistics, link to the server, ping through the server to an IP destination or browse the Internet.
The new 3M ITU-compliant VDSL2 Modem Module is compatible with all primary DSL service and WAN internet protocol variants. According to David L. Senum, 3M Communication Markets Division, users can conduct xDSL testing for an entire network using this device alone.
“A single modular 3M test set handles copper, DSL and IP testing to validate triple-play services at xDSL access ports and subscriber networks,” Senum explains. “With this new module, an operator can browse the Internet on the 965AMS test set screen to confirm a working Internet connection.” The new module works in concert with the 965AMS software inference engine for expert system analysis of test results and helpful guidance to field technicians performing fault identification and location of many different types of faults.
Systems managers who face training challenges related to changing workforce demographics will appreciate the knowledge-based, expert-pair test capabilities of the Dynatel Advanced Modular System 965AMS system. Tests are easy to use, require minimal operator training and provide automatic testing of active and inactive pairs with pass/fail limits.
For more information about the 3M Dynatel All-in-One Modem Module VDSL2 and the Dynatel Advanced Modular System 965AMS, contact the 3M Communication Markets Division, A130-2N-14, 6801 River Place Blvd., Austin, Texas 78726-9000, USA, or call 800-426-8688. For more information about 3M communication products, go to
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