Thursday, February 28, 2008

Universal Powerline Association Ships 4.5 Million Chips

Universal Powerline Association Ships 4.5 Million Chips while Championing Interoperability, Universal Functionality and Standardization of all Powerline Communications

February 26, 2008 - London - Universal Powerline Association (UPA) technology has shipped in excess of 4.5 Million 200 Mbps Powerline communications chips, giving the UPA the largest industry market share for high speed Powerline silicon. Increased worldwide demand for UPA technology including North America, Europe, and Asia has fuelled the growth of the adoption of UPA technology for applications such as:

High Speed Home Networking, including HD IPTV
In-Building Communications, including MDUs
Broadband over Powerline Access Solutions, including AMI and Broadband applications
Embedded Solutions

Brian Donnelly, UPA Chairman confirmed that: "Over 4 million products based on the UPA's 200Mbps In-Home and to-the-home Powerline connectivity solutions have been sold worldwide by Tier 1, service providers, integrators, electricity utilities, and retailers to date. As the number of Powerline communications products continues to increase worldwide, the UPA will be focusing on enabling consumers to obtain advanced, standards-based, and future-proof technology including our upcoming 400Mbps technology for In-Home, In-Building, and Access markets that is 100% backwards compatible with today's 200Mbps UPA technology."

The UPA plans to continue to strengthen its worldwide focus and implementation of advanced functionality and interoperable standards for Powerline communication and networking solutions. The UPA endorses the IEEE P1901 standard process and has joined the ITU-T to contribute and support work on the development of a standard for next generation home networking receivers through the ITU-T Recommendation ( The ITU-T global project will define PHY and MAC specifications for ICs operating over any wire including Powerline and addresses the EMC and spectral compatibility of home networking transmission with VDSL2 and other types of DSL used to access the home so that even a novice consumer can install a home network. As part of the collaboration, UPA's Digital Home System White Paper has been accepted at the February 2008 ITU-T Geneva meeting as part of the developing work at ITU-T's Home Networking group.

UPA-based products make up the largest share of the market for 200 Mbps Powerline products for networking and service provider applications. 2008 and beyond shall allow the UPA and its members not only an ability to provide consumers a standardized technology, but will support all the functionalities and enhancements required for BPL deployments and in-building installations such as frequency division repeating (FDD), flexibility to work over any topology, carrier spacing and frequency for coexistence with xDSL technologies and native TR-069 support for remote network management.

2008 brings new international multi-market leadership, standards conformity, enhancement, and overall advancement programs within the UPA. The UPA will unveil its 2008 Work Program at its Annual General Meeting and UPA Technology Conference on 4th March at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan. Non-UPA members are invited to join UPA members for a presentation of the UPA’s upcoming 400Mbps technology.


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